Archaeology Campaign by BAJR | Fight the pay sink-hole

Dear Microburins,

I can’t say anything better here than my good friend David Mennear at These Bones of Mine, and so here’s a snippet and a link to his overview:

The British Archaeology Jobs and Resource (BAJR) site has recently unleashed a new campaign aimed at highlighting job adverts that pay more than the minimum salary wage.  The More than Minima campaign aims to highlight and recognise any job advertisement on the BAJR website that pays beyond the minima as a starting rate, which helps to promote fair pay within the archaeological industry. Advertisements that meet this criteria will have the BAJR green thumbs up logo attached to the job advertisements so that potential applicants can immediately know that the company and position pay above the recognised and current pay grades.

Minima logo

On all archaeological job advertisements on the BAJR website look out for the green thumbs up logo to show that the advertisement offers a More than Minima salary (Image courtesy of David Connolly/BAJR).

We must all join together to fight for professional standards, recognition and fair pay for a skilled job in archaeology and the heritage industries. We contribute positively to UK GDP, to tourism and foot-fall, to community well-being by fostering a sense of place, belonging, responsibility and guardianship as the core of our inclusive values.


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