Microburin update | UK Mesolithic Sites and Finds

Dear microburins,

UK Mesolithic Projects, Sites and Finds page has been updated

FetchamAlso see Mesolithic stories on the microburin scoop.it site | Last updated 15-May-2014

Added | Fetcham, Surrey, England; Cuxton, Kent, England; Dunragit bypass, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

The latest updates are from the press and, while quite brief, continue to provide evidence for “Mesolithic everywhere”. The two most recent discoveries are developer-led commercial engagements in England and Scotland.

If you want to refer a media news story or project update, please do post a comment! The more eyes out there, the better – debitage or otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Microburin update | UK Mesolithic Sites and Finds

  1. There is a Mesolithic site in Cuxton, Kent from which over 12,000 items have been recovered including tranchet adzes, axes, microliths and various scrapers together with several items which have classic Upper Palaeolithic features.
    Re-fitting has been most successfull with 30 pairs, 5 groups of 3 pieces, 4 groups of 4 pieces, 2 groups of 5 pieces, a group of 7, a group of 10 and a group of 17 pieces of which includes a piece with a retouched edge and an abandoned core. These re-fitting pieces being from an area about 2.5 by 5 metres.
    Investigations are overseen by the KCC Community archaeologist, Andrew Mayfield.
    A report of the site is in the progres of being produced.

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