Just a little bit of fame | Desert Island mesolithic

In the pressDear Microburins,

I’m humbled to have had my ten archaeological book choices, for a cerebral desert island, published in a wonderful blog by Lorna Richardson (soon to be a PhD doctor Richardson care of University College London, viva on 4 July).

Image | Me in the middle front, aged 14, doing exactly the opposite of what the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette photographer asked. Usual. Everyone else “obeyed”: look at their eyes, look into their eyes…

This is a lovely initiative by Lorna, the Desert Island one, asking archaeologists to select the ten tomes that they would take to their sea-lapped, crustacean-riven island. Everyone is welcome to contribute through 2014. After that, who knows? Will you crash, burn and swim from a Fedex package somewhere over the Pacific Ocean? When I do, I promise I’ll be drinking a rather large and serious Baileys on ice.

PS, I recanted the “Spence” story to mam last week (she is not Tinternet-enabled) and she cried again. Mams, eh? Dad is long-since buried/scattered, but missed for sensible financial advice (after graduation).


2 thoughts on “Just a little bit of fame | Desert Island mesolithic

  1. Fab idea, will look forward to following. Not sure I have ten books. It was objects and places that put me onto archaeology. Not ten that I could say were completely inspirational and indispensible, in the Desert Island tradition, anyway. That’s really got me thinking! Looking forward to see what others would pick.

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