Compelling Kickstarter digital project | 3D Virtual Prehistoric Worlds | Donate as little as £1


Donation window is now closed but was very successful!

Digital heritage professional Marcus Abbott is using Kickstarter, an innovative way to fund projects, to raise donations for his Virtual Prehistoric Worlds project—an explorable visualisation of a 3D digital world generated from archaeological and palaeo-environmental data.

“This project is a visual representation of what we know about a past landscape, it combines archaeological data and scientific data with cutting edge digital recording and visualisation techniques to produce a virtual world.

This world is a representation of the Bronze Age in East Anglia and focuses on an area known to be of religious significance during this time. The landscape is a wetland environment and has been generated entirely digitally. The archaeology has been reconstructed from actual evidence found on sites in the area. Round houses and wooden platforms, track ways, fences and the great causeway structures of Flag Fen are all present in the landscape.”

You can pledge as little as £1 to support this exciting project and join more than 58 backers who have already offered over £1,000. There are just seven days to go—and every extra pound helps bring the project to realisation. The funding window closes on 7 October 2013.