PALAEO2020 Conference | London 19 May 2016

◊ Dear Microburins,

Palaeo2020_19May16The Society of Antiquaries of London, with Dr Matt Pope and Prof Clive Gamble at the helm, are hosting a day conference.

“Progress made in the first decade of the 21st century is now under threat in the current climate of austerity. Planning provision and expertise within local authorities are being dramatically eroded by cutbacks, research funding from traditional routes such as UK grant awarding bodies and Historic England are increasingly restricted. Within our own discipline the established pathways for career progression and the development of effective expertise are increasingly limited.

The conference seeks to address these urgent challenges as well as develop a new and radical approach to Palaeolithic research. Central to the meeting will be how we can optimise the resources available to us to deliver a new, deeper understanding about our deep past while maintaining effective and consistent protection of the resource.”

Hopfully see you there!


MESO2015 | Ninth International Mesolithic Conference in Belgrade


Since 1973 Mesolithic in Europe Conferences have been held eight times. At the last conference in Santander, Spain (September 2010), delegates chose Belgrade, Serbia to host The Ninth International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe. For the first time a MESO conference will be held in a south-east European city.

The conference includes a field trip to the Danube Gorges and the Museum of Lepenski Vir, which sounds unmissable.

Are you going?