Archaeology Day 2014: A View From Friends

It’s Friday the 11th and the DAY OF ARCHAEOLOGY, a blogging menagerie where archeologists from around the world share their doings and goings on. I’m heading up to the Lithics Lab soon to finish my own Life In The Day Of An Archaeologist – I might even show you my equipment. No wait! There’s more. Today’s value! I’ll let you peek at my lithics.

In the meantime, my friend These Bones of Mine (Dave) has amassed this brilliant “through the keyhole” snapshot of what his mates are up to. -Enjoy.

These Bones Of Mine

Friday the 11th of July marks Archaeology Day 2014, a tremendous initiative designed to showcase the diversity of research and work that is found in the archaeological sector and industry across the world.  But rather than have this blog entry focus on me specifically, I wanted to present the view of a few of my friends that are involved in the archaeology community worldwide, whether they are a volunteer, a student or an academic, be they in it for the fun or employed in the commercial sector.  So without further ado here are a few of my friends and what they will be up to on the Day of Archaeology 2014!

So firstly we meet up with my friend Jennifer in Belgium, who has some skeletons that need examining:

“I am a graduate in Prehistoric archaeology, and in funerary archaeology and human osteology.  On archaeology day I will be…

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