Mesolithic Forum | Don Henson hosts a discussion at University of York (Youtube)

Don’s PhD research questions whether the Mesolithic exists, how it has been perceived and how public perceptions might be influenced, developed, nurtured—more so now that “Prehistory” is part of the National Curriculum for the first time.

So what is the Mesolithic? What other words does “it” invoke?

  • Youtube recording (slides not visible but audio is good), approx. 1hr 4mins »
    12 March 2014

PS, devil’s advocate would be to replace the functional-typological-technological epithets implied in “lithic”. One could just as well say “-dendritic”, “Antler Age”, the “Age of Harmony and Synergy”, “Hazelnutique”, “Materiality”? Oh, good grief. However, I really do agree that the “period” is tantalising and stimulating, perhaps “just beyond reach” as was mentioned.

Good to hear Harry’s and Pat’s voices, humour and inquisition.


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