Teesside Archaeological Society | New Facebook page and group

Hello all,
Saxon JewelIn addition to the Mesolithic and lithics research I’m doing, I’m also involved in the Teesside Archaeological Society where I’m Chair and eCommunications officer. We’ve made excellent progress in building the 2014 lecture and events programme—plenty of big names, fascinating topics, finds-handling and an extra bonus lecture in early summer. Catching up with the twenty-first century, we’ve now launched an official page on Facebook where you can stay up to date with news, events, fieldwork, lectures and download our quarterly eMagazine—TEESSCAPES. We’re up to 75 followers after just two days. Thanks for the “Like”! Our TAS NEWSFLASH emails will continue for eNews subscribers.TAS-Fb-Header

Alongside this page, there’s an informal Facebook Group where members and friends can share their adventures, discussions, pictures, news and ask questions.


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