Här har aldrig varit tomt | This place has never been empty | Mesolithic Sweden

Exceptional Mesolithic landscape—or indeed “wetscape”—at Motala Ström in East Middle Sweden.

MotalaStrom_videoFurther to the last post about Kanaljorden and the impaled Mesolithic skulls, this wonderful short film was released on 25 May 2012 (18 mins with English subtitles) and takes a landscape perspective to showcase some of the incredible organic finds, as well as lithics too. It’s beautifully produced and features—in addition to breath-taking archaeology—some of the inimitable heroes of Scandinavian and Mesolithic archeology: Lars Larsson, T. Douglas Price and Fredrik Hallgren, project manager.

Decisions decisions

You can make up your own mind about the “phallus”, plus watch some of the beautifully decorated artefacts—dagger, club and more. As the documentary makes clear, Sweden is blessed with contract archaeology that allows extensive and wide-area investigations. It’s compelling stuff indeed, with over 400,000 finds since 1999, and continuing.

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