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HazelnutsHazel Nuts: Britain’s first farmed food? Part 3 »

Francis Pryor’s (blog) experiments with our first Great British Post-Glacial staple. The humble hazelnut: favourite of our Mesolithic ancestors, gathered (excuse the pun?) by the quantities found on some sites like Howick, Northumberland. But why did they burn them | or how did they get burnt? Hazelnuts are also a staple for archaeologists who want and need Radiocarbon (AMS) dating for their sites. They’re a short-lived species and therefore much better than “old wood”.

I mean the hazelnuts, not the archaeologists.

Spence | Old Wood

1 thought on “Mesolithic | Hazel Nuts : Britain’s first farmed food? | Guest blog

  1. Cheers for that, Spence. I was thinking about that the other day but it never occurred to me that they might only do it for the taste. Also there is a guy, Wolfgang Lage, in the state museum in Schleswig who got awesome burning results with sand and a clay platform, which had be found in Duvensee, Northern Germany.

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