In bed with Ray Mears | Wild food and limpets | Creswell cavemen

In bed with Ray Mears

In bed with Ray Mears | Sound asleep : bruised nose : squashed glasses

Oh deary me. One minute I’m looking for salad to accompany a McLimpet® burger with hazelnut relish, the next I’m trapped by the sheer weight of learning.

It’s an enjoyable read, half price at Creswell Crags visitor centre—where I saw the incredibly beautiful 13,000 year old swimming deer on loan from the British Museum—but would have benefited from a little more proof-reading (the book I mean).

PS. If you haven’t been to Creswell in Derbyshire, it is well worth an afternoon. It’s off the M1 motorway near Chesterfield and Bolsover. It’s great for caveman-loving kids too (spot the hyenas, hippos and rather vicious looking bear), with visual technology that lets you explore Britain’s oldest cave art.

Spence Zzzzz

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