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Uncover the hidden heritage of North East England

what I’m doing

In March 2012 I volunteered to manage e-news for the Teesside Archaeological Society (TAS) and was then elected to the Committee in January 2013 and subsequently became Chairman in October (for 2013-14). My eCommunications role means deploying up-to-date e-communications technology (Mailchimp.com) and social media (Facebook) to improve visibility of the society and provide cost-effective, interactive communications paths between members, the committee and regional stakeholders:

  • TEESSCAPES Autumn 2013Regular newsletters and community-engagement opportunities including lecture programmes, fieldwork opportunities and local news
  • Exposure to wider audiences and interest groups to boost membership and event participation
  • Improved interaction between membership and committee, using web analytics to assess popularity of themes and activities
  • Opening up communication routes between complementary organizations, e.g. Council for British Archaeology, Yorkshire Archaeological Society and affiliated bodies
  • Adding value to membership while saving on postage costs!

About TAS

The Teesside Archaeological Society is an enthusiastic, friendly group who share an interest in the archaeological heritage of the Tees Valley, Cleveland and the surrounding area.

Note | Tees Archaeology is the local authority archaeology and HER unit for the borough councils at Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees in the defunct County of Cleveland (post 1974 reorganization). The boroughs of Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland sadly withdrew their subsidy from the shared service in 2012.

Our rich heritage extends back at least to the Mesolithic—the 9th millennium BC—with a distinctively north-east take on every way marker since those distant post-glacial hunter-gatherers. Our journey spans the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We have Roman villas, Saxon royalty and Viking hogbacks, Medieval towns, deserted villages, castles, monastic places and pre-industrial heritage—right up to our more recent past.

We welcome everybody who shares an interest, no matter what level of experience or expertise. There are monthly lectures, regular NEWSFLASH bulletins, the TEESSCAPES quarterly eNewsletter, and the chance to find out more about the latest discoveries, fieldwork opportunities, educational events and community activities.


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One thought on “Teesside Arch Soc

  1. Hi Patricia, you’re right that the old 2012 printed programme had an incorrect date for the Sep lecture. Yes it is Tuesday 25th. A corrected programme is here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48541929/TAS/TAS_Programme_2012_Autumn.pdf

    Are you on the TAS email list? The last newsletter (August) had the autumn programme link too – this place is my personal blog. The TAS web pages can be accessed with the “Website” link at the top header of each e-newsletter and newsflash.

    If you are not subscribed but would like to, please send an email to teesarchsoc.news@gmail.com (I need your permission to add you to the mailing list).

    Hope this answers your questions and is helpful, even from my personal blog!

    Best Regards, Spence

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