Skin pictures | 24-Mar-2021 (click to enlarge)

Right wrist, inside

Right wrist, outside

Right arm, midRight shoulderBase of spine

Historical pictures | Earliest first 2018-2020

2018-Oct pustular psoriasis after Propranolol for 1-2 months (then stopped), treated with Enstilar 

2019-Aug-Oct skin problems (zoster?), Aciclovir ineffective, tried high-dose again pre-Covid in early April 2020.

2020-Mar2020-Apr (some improvement, pre-Covid), middle of arm c 20cm has taken a year to healCovid infection commenced 19-Apr-2020. Red rashes on L and R shins, covid R toes, scalp worsened severely (plaque psoriasis), R arm and shoulders flared.