Request for Three-Year Transcript

To support self-employed compensation claims

  • 2017-Mar to 2018-Mar | 1-Year Depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Adverse reaction to Sertraline (hourly diarrhea for the duration), body thermostat change (over-heating with little exertion)
  • 2017-Nov to 2018-Dec | Reaction to Propranolol (for BP/anxiety)? > pustular psoriasis across neck & shoulders, hospital referral
  • 2019-Mar to Present | Zoster(?) and psoriasis(?) skin lesions with pain (shoulders & R side), continued hospital review, still body thermal problems
  • 2020-Apr | Covid19? Viral recovery to present time (plus crotch abscess)

Recent pictures | Earliest first

2018-Oct pustular psoriasis

2019-Aug-Oct skin problems (zoster?)

2020-Mar2020-Apr (some improvement, pre-Covid), middle of arm c 20cm has taken a year to heal