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Microburin Goldsborough flint findenjoying lithic finds during 2012 fieldwork at Goldsborough near Whitby on the north-east coast of Yorkshire.

Could this be the site of another Howick or more?

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Finds catalogues posted | Lovely feedback

9000 Years of Hunting at LownaIt was great to receive a lovely email this morning from the farmers who let me walk their fields in April at Lowna, North York Moors. Mrs Wass enjoyed the storyboard of human activity next to the River Dove. It’s a story that spans probably 9,000 years from the Late Mesolithic, into the Neolithic and Bronze Age—right up to the last 300 years. A clay tobacco pipe and musket gunflint may well have belonged to her husband’s ancestor—they’ve been in the Lowna area since at least the 18th Century. By plotting all the finds it is possible to see where certain activities were taking place, where likely hearths or campfires were located, and what people were doing:

  • Flint-knapping and making tools | there’s a great Late Mesolithic core and possible microburin
  • Scraping and cutting around fires | proportionately lots of scrapers for working animal skins, fish, wood, vegetable material
  • Cooking either in pots or skins | “potboiler” stones likely used to heat liquids indirectly (Neolithic pottery is fragile and unlikely to survive in the field)
  • Wood working | a possible Late Mesolithic tranchet adze fragment and legacy finds of polished flint and stone axes (HER records)

Mrs Wass wants to link the storyboard to her website for visitors to the area. I can’t emphasise enough how rewarding that feels | read more

finds catalogues | for the record

Finds CataloguesI have also just uploaded MS Excel finds catalogues for the projects underway. These are subject to change, work-in-progress. I haven’t uploaded the scattergram and density versions since the files are very large. The White Gill re-fit / re-join / raw material match charts are making my head hurt, but should be great once completed. I can see where reduction, tooling and discard activities were taking place in the chaîne opératoire. You can see an early snapshot on the White Gill Project page and in the PDF download | read more

That’s it on a fantastically warm late May weekend. Did somebody mention Eurovision? Perhaps Swedish meatballs for supper al humperdinck. Congratulations to Sweden!