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Listen to the Shipping ForecastHere is a mix of serious, interesting or fun things to look at | the silliest is at the very end.

First of all, every day should start with this, the old BBC Radio 4 opening theme for 5am risers | » Listen and be ready | » Shipping Forecast (humorous)

Related page | UK Mesolithic Frameworks, Projects, Sites and Finds

hunter-gatherer-fishers | broken stones | mesolithic

  • Mesolithicbuilding | University College Dublin’s new blog (2013) about reconstructing the Mount Sandel mesolithic house as an experimental project (Blog)
  • Mesolithic MiscellanyMesolithic Miscellany | Free and community-run source of news, information and discussion of the European Mesolithic plus an internet journal (Web and the Facebook)
  • Find out what a microburin is and how it’s made | BEWARE! This is a recorded knapping event (YouTube)
  • Vince Gaffney on Doggerland | Europe’s lost country, sadly not on Time Team’s 4OD replays – it was an excellent “special” where we reckon people watched the sea rise every day (YouTube)
  • Discover wild food in a Mesolithic hut | Health benefits of hazelnuts by the Woodland Trust (YouTube)
  • Mesolithic GameStar Carr | One of the most famous sites in Europe dating to around 9,000 to 8,500 BC – see what has been discovered since the 1950s, why it is at risk, and the latest news (Web)
  • Play | Mesolithic hunting game! Splat? Turn the volume up too (Web)
  • StoneAgeBogs | Many sites are rapidly deteriorating and some of Europe’s most important heritage is vanishing. This group has been set up with the intention of bringing together specialists who work on bog sites across Europe to discuss cutting-edge scientific methodologies and to evaluate the threats to this valuable cultural resource with a view to future action and collaboration.

archaeology | heritage | community

  • Council for British Archaeology | Find a link to anything – their back-issue research reports are also now available to download (Web, but they’re also on the Facebook and Linkedin)
  • DigVentures.comDigVentures | Your chance to work with some of the best field archaeologists in the land on some of the best archaeological sites in the world. Join them and take part in a groundbreaking, game-changing archaeological experiment as a key member of the team. Whether you’re digging on site with them or checking in from the other side of the world, with DigVentures you can share the excitement of discovery as it happens, knowing that without your support, it wouldn’t have happened (Interactive Web)
  • Mortimer | New campaigning mouthpiece for everyone who cares about Our Environment,  Our Past and preserving them so that they work for Our Future (Web and the Facebook)
  • PH logoPast Horizons | An online magazine site covering the latest archaeology and heritage news with occasional in-depth articles. They maintain a database of current archaeological field work opportunities around the world. Great for students looking for practical experience and volunteers seeking a new challenge. They also have a well stocked web shop selling quality archaeological equipment to a world market (Web and Facebook)
  • Neolithic replica bowlPotted History | Master replica potter and experimental archaeologist – he made a Mildenhall early Neolithic pot and some Bronze Age beakers for me | links to other great replica artisans | Blog
  • The Prehistoric Society | The Prehistoric Society’s interests are world wide and extend from the earliest human origins to the emergence of written records. The Society promotes prehistoric research; facilitates access to the results of this research; and recognises excellence, through its Awards and Grants. It also acts as an important advocate for prehistoric archaeology (Web)


  • Archaeology, Museums & Outreach | Discussions to more effectively engage the public in Archaeology and Museums by Robert Connolly
  • Boltby Scar Excavation Blog | Professor Dominic Powlesland and Team’s adventures with and without portaloos
  • Day of Archaeology 2012 | Get ready for June 29th | Have you ever wondered what archaeologists really get up to? Is it all just digging or is there a lot more to it?
  • Digging Deeper | Mike Pitts is editor of the CBA’s British Archaeology magazine – here his own thinking about archaeology blog
  • Doug’s Archaeology | The quality of the profession- pay, working conditions, career prospects, Agent based modelling, GIS, Site predictive models, Academics, Wild-card topics | There’s another blog that deals with publishing and open access in archaeology
  • Hazelnut RelationsHazelnut Relations | Digging a Mesolithic site in the Swiss Alps – a blogging breath of fresh air
  • In The Long Run | Francis Pryor’s blog on archaeology, rural life and the lessons of history
  • Saxon Princess Excavation Blog | Dr Stephen Sherlock’s team discovered unique Saxon jewels at Street House, Loftus and the princess buried in her bed – also now an award-winning exhibition at Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar & Cleveland (north-east England)
  • Shelteringmemory | Bowland Caves excavation project blog with good links to resources and other project blogs
  • These Bones of Mine | Some great posts, bones, diseases and guest items—look out for the one on commercial archaeology realities (Oct 2012), an excellent and funny read

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