Finds Catalogues

The following catalogues are in MS Excel format and remain work-in-progress, subject to change.

Stop Press: I’m reviewing typological classifications. The catalogues below will be supplemented with additional data points during Autumn 2013.

White Gill Project

  • White Gill finds and soil sample catalogue* | Excavation |  WGW01
    Analysis of soil and carbonized material samples is underway
    In-depth raw material analysis is to be scheduled
  • Esklets Site 6 (waterlogged) finds catalogue | Surface assemblage | ECW6
    Pollen coring and profile recording is to be scheduled
  • Esklets Sites 1-5 and 7 | Surface assemblages and spot finds | Not yet in analysis
  • Peat Hill Glaisdale High Moor | Surface assemblage | Not yet in analysis

River Dove Project

  • Lowna and Keldholme finds catalogue* | Field-walking | BHL12-KEL12

Catalogue format is adapted after Peter Rowe, Tees Archaeology and is consistent with the North-East Yorkshire Mesolithic Project.

*Excludes scattergram and density charts

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