IMG_8739While my professional profile is on LinkedIn, here you’ll find some of the archaeological and heritage things I’ve done or am engaged in | » LinkedIn | »

TimeVista_Logo_BW2Freelance Field Archaeologist, Prehistoric Lithics Specialist and Project Operations Manager at TimeVista Archaeology

RESEARCH INTERESTS | archaeology and heritage

  • MicrotalkCommunity Archaeology | interfaces between academic, public and commercial
  • Mesolithic Period | human-environmental interactions, litho-landscapes, mobility, gender, especially northern England
  • Lithic Analysis | technology, function, interpretation, recording, historiography, raw material, landscapes
  • Transitions | Early-Late Mesolithic and Mesolithic-Neolithic continuity and change
  • Island Dynamics | the pre-pottery Neolithic in Cyprus and the Levant


  • Social-Media-IconsWordPress, blogging and website management (HTML-savvy)
  • Mailchimp email campaigns, audience management and targeted marketing
  • Linked-in profile content and Group management
  • Survey content development and results management, e.g. SurveyMonkey
  • Social media, audience-building, messaging, calls-to-action, engagement with extension vehicles such as media and #hour regional communities: Facebook and Twitter
  • Digital archiving protocols, cloud storage and controlled/open dissemination
  • Image improvement, editing and e-publishing
  • Open Access protocols

EXPERIENCE | community archaeology and advocacy

TeesProjectRiver Tees Rediscovered – Heritage Lottery Funded Project | Steering Committee Representative – Heritage & Community Archaeology, Oct 2014 – April 2015
River Tees Rediscovered Landscape Partnership Project aims to improve awareness of and access to the river and to engage local communities. One of the ways in which local communities will be engaged is through a Community Archaeology programme which will comprise at least six projects | more »

ArchaeologyYorkshire_croppedCouncil for British Archaeology: Yorkshire Group | Honorary Editor and Trustee | Elected Committee Member Feb 2013
Volunteer and Trustee
Supporting, evangelizing and advocating for the archaeology and heritage of Yorkshire as a charity franchisee of CBA National—enabling ARCHAEOLOGY FOR ALL more »

Saxon JewelTeesside Archaeological Society | Chairman 2013-2015 (ending Mar 2015)
Deploying up-to-date e-communications technology to improve visibility of the society and provide cost-effective, interactive communications paths between members, the committee and regional stakeholders. Monthly e-newsletter, manage web pages with Tees Archaeologymore »

EXPERIENCE | fieldwork and projects: most recent first


Upsall, Redcar & Cleveland | Spencer Carter
Project Director 20-Sep to 21-Sep 2014 (plus 9 volunteers)
Partner: Solstice Heritage
Fieldwalking project focused on lithics in order to add granularity to previous data. 2m line-walking for 100% coverage of 30 hectares, finds plotted by total station and GPS. Lithics include Late Mesolithic to Early Neolithic activity as well as ceramics (left on site) from Iron Age through Medieval (including earlier un-glazed fabrics likely 12th-14th century) to modern.

Loftus, Redcar & Cleveland | Dr Steve Sherlock
Volunteer & lithics specialist 04-Sep to 14-Sep 2014
Excavation of Geophys-surveyed anomolies (Res and Mag sus) thought to be Romano-British industrial features. Excavation revealed burning events 1.5 below surface and probably sunken structure. We’ll need to return next year to resolve.

Kiplin Hall 2014Kiplin Hall, North Yorkshire | Jim Brightman, Solstice Heritage, HLF-funded community project in the grounds of a Jacobean hall (open to public), formerly a medieval grange of Easby Abbey nr Richmond (English Heritage)
Trench supervisor, trainer & lithics specialist 28-Jul to 17-Aug 2014
Supervisor and trainer on two trenches (estate boundary and post-medieval roads), lithics specialist. Compiled lithics report for test pit collection comprising Mesolithic to Bronze Age chert artefacts.

Low Hauxley, Northumberland | Dr Clive Waddington, Archaeological Research Services Ltd | Rescued from the sea project 2013
Volunteer 02-Sep to 13-Sep 2013
Rescue excavation of Bronze Age beaker period cist burial cairn and Late Mesolithic activity area with Storegga tsunami evidence. Intertidal peat beds include animal and human footprints | Website » | Facebook »

Spence-at-SHF13Loftus, Redcar & Cleveland | Dr Steve Sherlock | Street House Farm 2013
Volunteer 29-Jul to 09-Aug 2013
Multi-period landscape, Bronze Age to Anglo-Saxon, focus on late Romano-British estate this season. Finds included further evidence of a jet-working industry. Previous evidence from the Iron Age and early Roman period includes saltworking*.

*Sherlock, S.J. & Vyner, B. 2013. Iron Age Saltworking on the Yorkshire Coast at Street House, Loftus, Cleveland. Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 85, 46-67.

Redcar, Cleveland | Independent with Dr Steve Sherlock | Intertidal prehistoric peat beds | Field observations, July 2013
RPB13 Freelance Researcher
Intertidal peat beds dating from the mid-Holocene (Later Mesolithic) are well known north of the Tees estuary (North-east England) near Hartlepool and Seaton Carew. The peat beds south of the Tees at Redcar are less well known and studied. They are infrequently revealed on the beach. An opportunity to inspect them this year (2013) provided possible evidence for coppicing and one tree stump (betula) displayed possible stone axe marks. Historical finds recorded in the regional HER, including a stone axe (lost) and flints, are also briefly summarised (see reference).

Carter, S.D. 2013. Intertidal Prehistoric Peat Beds at Redcar in Cleveland, North-East England. [Online paper:].

Goldsborough, Nr Whitby, North Yorkshire | Rachel Grahame Tees Archaeology | North-East Yorkshire Mesolithic Project Phase 3, 2012 – 2013
Image_Goldsborough1558824789Multi-period activity area including significant Mesolithic lithic finds in coastal location.
2013-03 Test pit excavation and on-site lithic assessment.
2012-09 Field-walking in advance of geophysical survey and trial excavation | See blog update and press coverage

Esklets, Westerdale, North Yorkshire | Independent Research 2012 (ongoing)
Freelance Researcher
Pollen coring (palynology and paleo-environmental) and trial ECW06excavation of an eroding Late Mesolithic lithic site where flints occur in waterlogged peat, not underneath the peat. Assistance and ongoing analysis provided by Dr J Innes (Durham University) and Dr J Blackford (Manchester University) | Cores 2012-08-30, Excavation 3m² 2012-09-01

River Dove Project | Intro Video (YouTube 2 mins)River Dove, North Yorkshire | Independent Research 2012 (ongoing)
Freelance Researcher
Desk-based research and field-walking in search of Mesolithic transit routes along a sample river valley

Upleatham, Cleveland | Bruce Webb-Ireland | Teesside Archaeological Society 2012-04
Field-walking an enigmatic rectilinear crop mark site pre-dated by Mesolithic activity.

White Gill, Westerdale, North Yorkshire | Independent Research 2000–2015 (ongoing)
Freelance Researcher
White GillRescue excavation of Late Mesolithic activity area with National Park authorization. Lithic assemblage analysis, extending comparative analysis to surface assemblages at Esklets and Glaisdale. Bio analysis of carbonized material with potential for AMS aging. Full publication 2014-15. | Read poster abstract »

Carter, S.D. 2014. Unpicking the Palimpsest: a late Mesolithic upland activity area in North East England. Where the Wild Things Are: Recent Advances in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Research Conference, 8-10 January 2014, University of Durham.

Danebury Environs Project, Nether Wallop, Wiltshire | Prof B Cunliffe | Oxford University 1995
Excavation Volunteer
Late Iron Age to Romano-British ditched farming settlement.

Cunliffe, B. 2000. Danebury Environs Programme, the Prehistory of a Wessex Landscape, Vol. 1. English Heritage and Oxford University Committee for Archaeology Monograph 48, Oxford.

Sobiejuchy, PolandSobiejuchy, Znin, Poland | Prof AF Harding | Durham & Newcastle Universities 1987
Site Supervisor and Student Trainer, named in acknowledgements
Geophysical survey and excavation of Early Iron Age Biskupin-type lakeside settlement.

Harding, A., Ostoja-Zagorski, J., Palmer, C. & Rackham, J. 2004. Sobiejuchy: A Fortified Site of the Early Iron Age in Poland. Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

Holme-on-Spalding Moor, East YorkshireBursea Grange, Holme-on-Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire | Prof M Millett | Durham University 1986
Site Supervisor and Student Trainer, named in acknowledgements
Excavation of Iron Age round house and rectilinear enclosure.

Halkon, P. & Millett, M. (eds.) 1999. Rural Settlement and Industry: Studies in the Iron Age and Roman Archaeology of Lowland East Yorkshire, Yorkshire Archaeological Report 4, Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Leeds.

AF Harding Danby RiggDanby Rigg, North Yorkshire | Prof AF Harding | Durham University 1985–1986
Site Supervisor and Student Trainer (triple dykes), named in acknowledgements
Bronze Age upland landscape, cairn-fields, ring cairn and triple dykes radiocarbon-dated to Viking period. Survey, excavation and post-excavation illustrations. Discovered late Mesolithic site. Managed project catering supplies.

Harding, A., Ostoja-Zagorski, J. 1994. Prehistoric and Early Medieval Activity on Danby Rigg, North Yorkshire, Archaeological Journal 151, 16-97.

Seamer Carr 1985Seamer CarrSeamer Carr and Star Carr, North Yorkshire | T Schadla-Hall | Vale of Pickering Trust 1985–1986
Student Volunteer
Upper Palaeolithic, Early to Late Mesolithic wetland activity. Excavation at Seamer Carr, test pits at Star Carr.

Schadla-Hall, R. T. 1988. The early post glacial in eastern Yorkshire, in Manby, T. G. Archaeology of Eastern Yorkshire: Essays presented to TCM Brewster, 25-34, Sheffield University.
 Schadla-Hall, R. T. & Lane, P. (eds.) forthcoming. The Early Mesolithic in the Vale of Pickering, MacDonald Institute Monographs, Cambridge.

Bywell St Andrews by Ann HodgsonBywell, Northumberland | A Boddington | Durham University 1985–1986
Student Volunteer
Twin Anglo-Saxon churches and shrunken Medieval village by the River Tyne. Geophysical survey, graveyard survey, church fabric survey.

Boddington, A. 1987. The Bywell Project, in Archaeological Reports for 1986, University of Durham and University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 52-58, Durham.
Redican, H. 1987. Unpublished Undergraduate Dissertation, Durham.

Scarth Wood Moor, North Yorkshire | Dr C Batey | Leeds University Adult Education 1985
Survey Volunteer
Field survey of Bronze Age barrows, orthostat walls, Late Mesolithic flint scatters.

Batey, C. E. 1995. Survey at Scarth Wood Moor 1984-90, in Vyner, B. E. (ed.) Moorland Monuments: Studies in the Archaeology of North-East Yorkshire in Honour of Raymond Hayes and Don Spratt. CBA Research Report 101, 171-177.

Eston Nab by Francis HannawayEston Nab, North Yorkshire | Dr S Sherlock | Cleveland County Archaeology & Manpower Services Commission 1985
Excavation Volunteer
Excavation of Late Bronze Age palisaded enclosure to early Iron Age hillfort.

Vyner, B. E. 1988. The Hill-fort at Eston Nab, Eston, Cleveland, Archaeological Journal 145, 60-98.

Crickley Hill, Gloucestershire | Prof P Dixon | Nottingham University 1984
Excavation Volunteer
Excavation of Neolithic long-cairn and causewayed enclosure, Iron Age hillfort.

Dixon, P. 1994. Crickley Hill. The Hillfort Defences, University of Nottingham.

Iron Age Hut, Ryedale Folk MuseumPotto, North Yorkshire | R Inman | Independent 1982–1983
Sole Excavation Volunteer
Excavation of Iron Age/Romano-British enclosed farmstead.

Inman, R. 1988. Romano-British Settlement in the south Tees basin, in Price, J. & Wilson, P. R. Recent Research in Roman Yorkshire, British Archaeological Reports 193, 219-234, Oxford.

Little Broughton, North Yorkshire | R White, Snr Conservation Archaeologist at Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority | Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough 1982
Sole Survey Volunteer
Plane table field survey of shrunken Medieval village.

EXPERIENCE | conservation and museums

Kirkleatham Old Hall Museum, Redcar & Cleveland | Exhibition by Dr Steve Sherlock, July 2014 for one year
Info board copy editor/writer and images (prehistory), social media PR and advertising
Street House (Loftus) Before the Saxons Exhibition, text & image contributions and editorial for prehistoric info boards (and video).

Old Fulling Mill Archaeology Museum, Durham | Durham

Old Fulling Mill Archaeology Museum

University 1985–1986 | Dr Elizabeth Healey, Curator
Student Volunteer
Recording and storage of archive collections including the renowned Oswald-Plicque Samian Ware collection, refurbishment of building interior. Created a popular public display—Your Past from The Fields—comprising artefacts from the Mesolithic, microliths, to a 20th Century discarded digital watch.

Tocketts Mill, Guisborough, North YorkshireTocketts Mill, Guisborough, North Yorkshire | South Park College 1982–1984 | John Harrison, Head of Design & Technology, Chairman of Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society
Student Volunteer
Medieval to 19th Century water-driven corn mill. Restoration, conservation, reconstruction of wooden mill-wheel and corresponding building fabric, drainage and mill infrastructure.

MEMBERSHIPS | involvement

Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland
 Council for British Archaeology | CBA Yorkshire | CBA North
 Lithic Studies Society
National Trust
North York Moors Association | Life member
 Prehistoric Society
 Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
 Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
 Teesside Archaeological Society | Chairman and eCommunications
Tyne-Forth Prehistoric Forum
 Yorkshire Archaeological Society | Prehistoric Research Section

EDUCATION DELIVERY | teaching engagements and workshops

  • HOP After Schools Club (7-11 yr olds) | Great Ouseburn School, North Yorkshire, 2014-04-03
    Introduction to lithics in prehistory, illustrated with games and finds handling.
  • DogKennelLaneBoroughbridge Historical Society Dog Kennel Lane Community Project | Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, 2014-04-03
    Introduction to lithics in prehistory, technology, chronology, morphology, typology, raw materials, taphonomy, field strategy, recovery, analysis and interpretation (with case study).

EVENTS | recent and forthcoming conferences

  • English Heritage Angel Awards, CBA Yorkshire Representative, 2014-11-03
  • Lithoscapes MESO-lithics project, Raw Materials 1.0 Conference | Hosted | Oxford Archaeology North, Lancaster, 2014-05-24
  • Shaping The Future of Research Frameworks | Market Research feedback workshop by Pye Tait Consulting for English Heritage | York, 2014-03-16 (representing CBA Yorkshire, Teesside Arch Soc and Lithoscapes)
  • Where The Wild Things Are 2.0 | Palaeolithic-Mesolithic Research Conference | Poster accepted | Durham University, UK 2014-01
  • Archaeology Pay and Training: Can the Industry do more? | Prospect Archaeologists Branch and Diggers’ Forum Joint Day Conference 2013 | London, 2013-11-02
  • Lithics Studies Society | Style and Function: Cultural Identities in Stone (Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark and Dr Seren Griffiths) | Oxford, UK 2013-06
  • CBA North West | Mesolithic Day Conference (Andy Myers) | Salford, UK 2013-05
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMUGE 150 | Mesolithic Shell Middens | Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal 2013-03
  • Wild Things | Recent Advances in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Research | Durham University, UK 2012-03

EDUCATION | personal training and learning

  • English Heritage | OASIS Archaeology Grey Literature Database, 1:1 Training, 2014-10-03
  • University of Oxford Continuing Education | Developing Participation in Community Archaeology: why, how and who, 13-Jun-2014 | How to design, launch and sustain community archaeology projects that involve diverse communities in archaeological work of all kinds | National Occupational Standards AG6: Support community engagement with the historic environment.
  • University of Oxford Continuing Education & English Heritage | Social Media in the Historic Environment, 20-Feb-2014 | In association with Inst of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), Arch Training Forum (ATF) & Inst for Archaeologists (IfA).2013-07-EH-MSCH-Cert
  • English Heritage | Measured Survey for Cultural Heritage, Kenilworth Castle, UK 22-26 July 2013 | GNSS (GPS) Survey, Photography, Total Station Survey, Image-based Survey, Structure From Motion, Procurement
  • Watford College | Italian RSA 1 AAA 1994–1995
  • University of Durham | BA Hons Archaeology 1984–1987
    • Distinction Awards for Practical Work and Presentation 1985 and 1986
    • Hatfield College DurhamHatfield College Baxter Prize (Archaeology) 1985
    • Secretary and President of Durham University Archaeology Society 1985–1987
    • Staff-Student Representative 1986–1987
  • British Safety Council Key Supervisors (Health and Safety in the workplace)
    St. John’s Ambulance First Aid
    Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Marketing and Communications
    Crossing the Chasm Sales and Marketing Geoffrey A. Moore
    JAWS Value and solutions selling methodology
    Holden Value-based account planning and sales methodology

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