RARE OPPORTUNITY to buy full run of Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 1870-2009 | and help fund Mesolithic research!

Pre-auction offer expired | Now available through Bloomsbury Auctions for Jan 2013 sale

Download | YAJ Full run flyer (PDF)This is a rare opportunity indeed. Please help to spread the word. The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal has been published since 1870 and is the primary archaeological, historical, genealogical and social history vehicle for the historic county of Yorkshire. It includes major reports from the Mesolithic, right through the prehistoric, Roman and Medieval periods. A full run hasn’t been available at auction for at least 30 years.

I am selling this run to fund AMS radiocarbon dating of charcoal samples from my rescue excavation of a Late Mesolithic activity area at White Gill, Westerdale, North York Moors. This sequence of calibrated dates will be the first ever outside Star Carr using modern methods. Each sample costs about £350-£400 and I have many. This exercise has been assisted by professional archaeo-botanists (including the renowned Maisie Taylor who also supports Star Carr as a dendro-expert), English Heritage scientists and with academic sponsorship from National Park and regional archaeological practices.

About the Journals

Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal Vol. 1–81

A complete run (including the scarce vol. 5), plates and illustrations, some folding, some hand-coloured, some ex-library copies with stamps, various bindings, most early volumes in original green cloth, gilt, vol. 5 in library buckram, most later volumes in original wrappers, mostly four parts to a year until 1972, some wear to spines, condition generally very good with some volumes rubbed or occasionally worn, 8vo, 1870-2009.

YAJ volumes

RARELY FOUND COMPLETE | no set has appeared at auction for over 30 years
Est. Value £2,000 – £3,000

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society was founded in 1863 as the Huddersfield Archaeological and Topographical Association—to promote interest in the history and archaeology of the Huddersfield area. In 1870 it expanded its interest to cover the whole of Yorkshire, and today it is the main society in this field for the historic county. Throughout its history the Society has been active in publishing articles on many aspects of Yorkshire’s past and transcripts of important Yorkshire records | www.yas.org.uk »

Help Fund Archaeological Research

White Gill Samples

“There are no recent, reliable Mesolithic radiocarbon dates from the North York Moors”

The sale proceeds from this rare run of journals will fund AMS radiocarbon dating of charcoal samples from a Late Mesolithic activity area excavated at White Gill, Westerdale, North York Moors in 2000.

Permission to excavate a rapidly eroding moorland area was granted by the North York Moors National Park Authority and the Estate owners. The rescue excavation of 20m² revealed four hearth-based flint knapping events.

WhiteGill Isometric Plan

One of the hearths was surrounded by stones and an area of piled boulders. Other features included “flat surface” stones and a possible seat or anvil all of which had clusters of artefacts, including utilised blades, scrapers, awl-piercers, microliths—and refits. There was a possible post-hole and an area free of knapping debris that may indicate the location of a shelter. Every flint was spatially recorded, revealing activities—including microlith manufacture—over the excavated area. A rare jet fragment may have been curated.

White Gill re-fitting segmentsDespite over eighty years of largely unpublished flint collecting, there are few recorded features and no recent reliable radiocarbon dates from the prolific sites on the North York Moors. Samples from the fire-spots and hearth contained rosaceae—a short-lived taxa that includes crab apple, hawthorn and sloe. Analysis was generously provided by professional archaeo-botanists, with advice from English Heritage scientists. Lithic analysis is underway with a view to publishing the findings in due course.

Learn more about the project → | How to contact me

Many thanks

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